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  1. Event Dome LOTUS DOMES   This business located in the United Kingdom rents/hires or sells soft cover metal frame geodesic domes to the general public. Some of their dome structures are quite large - designed for large groups of people.

    ►Lotus Domes manufacture elegant and efficient geodesic marquees here in the UK. Both the frame and covers have been conceived, designed, and produced to serve the activities of Floating Lotus CIC, a mobile solar powered venue which travels around the country providing an environmentally minded and sustainable gathering space for festivals, green fairs, ecologically minded weddings, school eco-days, council sponsored sustainability events, and private parties. Our design also provides comprehensive and incredibly strong rigging points within the structural hubs. These can be used to support lighting and PA rigs, trapeze setups, or even suspended floors for larger domes. The hub design is inherently novel, and patent rights have been established.◄
  2. Tipi Dome TIPI DOME   Another great project from "Instructables". Update:
    (6 July 2013) Rick Teague contacted me and told me that he was going to remove his YouTube instructable and replace it later with a new project. So for the time being when you click on the links in this listing - they will take you to the Instructables website homepage. I will update this listing later after he is finished with his new project.

    ►I have always admired geodesic structures and have built various frameworks studying the beautiful symmetries. Many of the structures I examined and built had many different edge lengths, face and axial angles that it complicated the building process. Once I asked the Lord, wouldn't it be neat if a person could build a dome but only have one edge length? So I prayed to my Lord Jesus, not as a challenge but could He give me a dome using one edge length. This of course seemed impossible but after awhile I found on the internet a French architect named Alain Lobel who had discovered a methodology of building structures with equilateral triangles. My prayers were answered. :) I studied and made many models trying out different structures checking out their possible utility as a tent, a building or just a beautiful sculpture. I even took an ordinary Icosahedron and truncated it in half which made a nice hemispherical tent frame. My favorites were designed based on Alain Lobel's work were the "Tipi Dome", or 60-2-1 POT LOBEL FRAME, a large and small version and also the "Longhouse", a design I stumbled upon playing with Alain Lobel's equilateral triangle method which uses only one edge length which are practical structures and with the equilateral triangle methodology one uses materials very efficiently. The following covers some of the steps I used to build the "Tipi Dome" framework, some poster board model patterns of the small "Tipi Dome" and the large version. I also would like to include some images of the "Longhouse" my answer to prayer and a few other structures. Please also check out Alain Lobel's website at:◄
  3. Reflectix Dome PLAYA DOME   The primary aspect of this listing is the use of "Reflectix" as a covering for the dome struts. Reflectix is bubble wrap coated with aluminum. It has been available for many years and is used in different applications where reflection of sunlight is desirable, like on the dashboards of automobiles. Picture on the right is of a completed Reflectix covered dome.

    ►For 2009, with the cube project in full swing Alissa and I decided we wanted more comfort on the Burningman playa. We had been donated a bare steel dome and so we needed to build a cover for it. Here are the construction & assembly plans, including, for sake of completeness, the design for the actual geodesic structure itself, even though we didn't actually build it. About the geodesic steel frame: The frame is made out of 3/4in EMT Tubing, cut into appropriate lengths (see below) and hammered flat at the ends, with 5/16x2-1/2in hex tap bolts, coarse thread, connecting them at the vertices. The dome is a 2V Dome with a radius of 8ft-3in and a Diameter or 16ft-6in. Being a 2V dome it is built with 2 lengths of strut, 30 short ones (red), 4ft-9in length (4ft-6in hole to hole) and 35 longer ones (blue), 5ft-4in (5ft-1in hole to hole) in length. A 2V Dome has 26 vertices (hence 26 bolts+bolts are needed). There will be ten 4-way connections (the 10 vertices on the ground), six 5-way connections and ten 6-way connections. We used slightly shorter bolts (1-1/2in) for the 4-way connections, and longer ones (2in) for the 5 and 6-way connections. Below are pictures of the struts and their ends. The hole is drilled about 1-1/4in from the end and is big enough to comfortably let through the bolts. For construction purposes i recommend pre-bending these inwards a little bit, but it's not absolutely necessary. Also spray painting the ends red/blue depending on their type (see below) was super useful (the photos below were taken before I did that).◄
  4. Future Spaces IncFUTURE SPACES   Keith really does have some beautiful designs here, looks to me like he uses a combination of different types of framing material such as EMT tubing and also wood frame material to build his domes. Makes use of straw bales for insulation sometimes. He has videos of his projects embedded on his site. He calls his creations "Breathe Green - Transportable Domes". Note his special "Clam Shell Plate System" he uses to strengthen the connection points. I looked closer and realized he uses wood framing attached to the EMT tubing, something i have not seen before.

    ►Keith has been designing and building for 25 years. He started with local 250 N. Chicago carpenters union and in 2001 he incorporated Future Spaces Inc. Building and designing domes are his main passion. Clearly seeing the need to build structures that work with the earth instead of against it has lead to the creation of hemispheres, quarter spheres and recently a full sphere in Crestone Co. The design of the sphere influenced the 5/8 sphere "Breathe Green Domes". Keith wanted to design a greenhouse that can be buried without a separate, costly concrete foundation. Secondly, his objective was to make it in a kit form. This was a daunting task. His breakthrough came from reverse engineering, simply put, assembly begins from the top down. He assembled a 31ft diameter x 25ft height 4 frequency dome from the top down in 16 hours. So people who may call themselves beginners will now be able to bolt together their our greenhouses.◄
  5. Geodesic Clubhouse GEODESIC CLUBHOUSE   Instructions for making your own little geodesic dome from newspaper. Printable instructions available. This here website is actually pretty neat in spite of the fact that it is oriented for school age children. This is a "How To Build" a geodesic dome using a stapler and newspaper. Just thinking - maybe a person could use paper mache to make geodesic struts. There's lots of good pictures here and ideas for anyone looking for low cost materials to build a dome frame. It is probably a very popular website.

    ►Geodesic domes are made of interlocking geometric shapes—often triangles. Because loads are spread over many triangles, these domes are especially strong. Often made of aluminum bars and Plexiglass, they're also light compared to ordinary domes. Geodesic domes were popularized by an American inventor named Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983). Look for the distinctive Bucky-ball shape in museums, greenhouses, alternative housing, and science centres. Vancouver's Science World is a 47-metre tall geodesic dome made of 766 triangles.◄
  6. Domeguys 30ft Personal Use DomeDOMEGUYS INTERNATIONAL   A lot of the cool domes they have on display here are quite large and suitable for public events, but they seem to be also including some smaller units for domestic use. The YouTube Video on the right is of one of their smaller 30ft wide consumer use type domes. It seems that all of their domes are covered by a proprietary synthetic material. Yeah, their consumer dome is quite nice and be sure and watch the video on the right to get a little idea about how cool they really are. ~gg

    ►DomeGuys semi-permanent domes are assembled using our long-life covers which are made of heavy duty, high gloss, coated fabric. The semi-permanent cover is pre-processed to be flame-retardant in accordance with California State Fire Marshall standards. Our domes are currently available in 12 unique colors and have welded seams for ultimate waterproof protection. They are also mold and mildew resistant, and UV protected. You can use a dome as a stand-alone structure, or integrate it into a larger custom design! Our domes can also be connected, enhanced with interior walls, lofts, or separate levels. Use a dome to create an unforgettable experience for your guests, or for a unique living structure for yourself. Our semi-permanent domes can withstand the elements, such as high winds and heavy snow loads, and be constructed on any terrain, making them a great fit for prolonged use. Our domes are highly versatile and your options are virtually limitless! Choose any combination of color, windows, skylights, and bay windows when designing your dome skin. Blend into your surroundings, preserve a gorgeous view with a bay window, or roll up the sides in hot weather to allow for added airflow. Our semi-permanent design will allow you to keep your dome up year round, for years of continual enjoyment.◄
  7. PVC pipe and plastic sheet greenhouseGEODESIC DOME GREENHOUSE   Even though this webpage is instructing the building of a "geodesic greenhouse" the information doubles for a livable structure in my opinion. Lots of good pictures showing the fabrication of geodesic PVC struts.

    ►I've always loved the look of a geodesic dome, and lately, I've wanted a greenhouse. One of my friends mentioned he wanted a dome, and found some plans online. I started researching, and became convinced that I could build a geodesic greenhouse for only a few hundred dollars. I was right! This dome cost me around $300 including the plastic, the frame, the bolts, the rebar, and the cinder blocks. Most websites focused on metal conduit, but that looked like to much work. I decided on 3/4in PVC. I used the calculator on "" to calculate the strut lengths. My dome is a 3V. I kept changing the radius until I found one that would produce 3 pieces per 10 foot length of PVC with little or no scrap.◄
  8. The Pillow DomeTHE PILLOW DOME   This is a dome project i think that was developed a number of years ago. If i find more information about it, i will post it here. I think this dome consists of your standard metal tube frame and someone has devised a method for installing inflated plastic pillow like triangular shapes into the framework openings, therefore creating an insulating effect. Even though there is not a lot of pictures here, there is some good information on
    sun resistant clear plastic coverings for this type of framework. Also, please remember, no "Pillow Talk" allowed in the pillow dome.

    ►Ever since Bucky first demonstrated the promise of geodesic structure, designers have been attracted by the idea of transparent domes. Making practical ones, however, has proved to be a challenge; high construction costs, water leaks, and poorly controlled heat flow (unseemly these days) have been among the problems even in otherwise magnificent domes. In 1969, while working as resident faculty at the counter-culture Pacific High School in Northern California, I hit upon the idea of skinning a tube-framed dome with individual, inflated transparent vinyl triangles. A 24ft prototype was built and lived in successfully, and Bucky ordered one for use on his Bear Island off the Maine coast. In all, six pillow domes were made before it was discovered that vinyl exudes carcinogenicgases. It also lasts only about six years before sunlight degradation takes its toll. At the time, no other suitable skinning material was available, so we curtailed further development. What of the future? We can now make strong, reliable, ultralight, insulatedtransparent domes . . .◄
  9. TURTLE TUFF SURVIVAL SHELTERS   I have had this business listed here for a long time and they have seemed to grow and expand over the years. Neat looking dome for living in the woods. Dependable shelter for living in the wild.

    ►Turtle Tuff Shelters began in 2005 with a desire to design and build a light weight, portable, strong, low-cost, quality geodesic dome shelter. The geodesic dome is the lightest frame structure for its weight in existence. We have selected cover and floor material that will resist UV rays, high winds, rain and snow, for many years. The Turtle Tuff is not a tent, but a very strong home away from home. It can be used in an emergency (earthquake, hurricane, etc.) to relocate to a safe area and with a few hours set up, have a safe dwelling for the family in any weather. We look forward to providing you with this great shelter for years to come! Strong, light-weight geodesic frame (hubs hold 300lbs+). Space age, light-weight, High R value insulation kit available. Heavy duty, puncture/tear-resistant cover and floor included. Wood stove ready. Instructions and photos for easy assembly included.◄
  10. Desert DomeDESERT DOMES   Very interesting site about how to build your own framework using EMT (electrical metal tubing or conduit) or PVC pipe. This is the website which provides the "Dome Calculator" which many people make use of to calculate strut length.

    ►Welcome to Desert Domes! On this site you will find information on how to build your own geodesic dome, as well as how to order one made to your specifications. Also, find pictures of domes in action at Burning Man and around the world. To the left is a picture of the Burning Man dome that I designed and built in 2004. I first became interested in geodesic domes while participating in my first Burning Man in 1996, and this site is a result of that interest. Nearly everything I know about domes can be found in a few books which I have listed in the bibliography section of this site. The rest comes from experience.◄
  11. Canvas Covered Geodesic Dome FrameALEC & BINDI'S GEODESIC DOME TENT   This couple manufactured their own geodesic dome frame from scratch and did a nice job of it too. The frame is 16ft wide and 8ft high.

    ►We built a dome tent to use for holidays and festivals such as the Glastonbury festival and Healing Fields gathering. We constructed the frame ourselves and bought the canvas from Albion Canvas. The tent is sixteen feet in diameter and has an eight foot (!) headroom. Living in it is far removed from traditional camping. There is more space than you could shake a stick at (or 65 sticks to be precise). With the central area as a "Living Room" there is still room in the surrounding area for a double bed and plenty of storage. If the tent was otherwise empty we reckon you could sit about twenty people inside in a circle. One of the nicest aspects is that it is very low tech - if anything were to break we will never need to get back to any manufacturer to fix or replace any fancy fiber glass or carbon fiber poles. The struts are made of ash wood and the all the joints are 25mm alkathene water pipe which has been melted in hot cooking fat then flattened to make the spade ends. It is totally waterproof and appears to be immune to the wind. Probably the biggest risk would be turning up at Glastonbury without the tin containing the twenty six 8mm roofing bolts which are required to hold the whole thing together . . . hmmm.◄
  12. Home Dome THE HOME DOME   Some good information for those of you wishing to build your own geodesic frame from electrical metal tubing. This is a good site and still working!

    ►I built a 20ft diameter geodesic dome using 3/4in electrical conduit (metal pipe). It will be my home at Burning Man. Follow the Photo Tour to see how the parts were made and for more photos of the finished dome. Here's some diagrams that show how to cover a dome with tarps. I use costco tarps which are 12ft x 16ft at the price of 2 for $14. It leaves a hole at the top, which is ideal for ventilation. Attach another tarp over the hole with three permanent ropes, plus one you use to attach it at night and to pull the top tarp on or off. A 10ft square top tarp is idea size for an optimal 2v dome, or a 3v dome with a 16 foot diameter, etc. I built the dome based on figures produced by The Dome Calculator at "". Mine is a "3 Frequency" dome, built to about 3/8ths of a sphere. I covered it with a 35ft diameter olive drab Army surplus parachute which I purchased through eBay. I set up my tent inside the dome, and it nestles nicely against the curved inside of the dome. I plan to cut remnant carpet into triangles and place them on the floor.◄
  13. 1-Frequency-Covered DomeGEODESIC BUILDINGS   This really is quite a site - lots of good pictures for us to look at. Also, be sure and look at their proprietary method for making their strut ends where the bolt fastens everything together. They make a curved crease instead of the more common straight line crease at the EMT tube ends. Picture on the right is of a 1-Frequency-Dome they made for someone.

    ►Geodesic Domes for Sale or Rent in the UK & Spain. Geodesic Buildings specialize in all things geodesic dome related. We are based in Coin on the Costa Del Sol, Spain (click for a map). We are very serious about our work, our geodesic domes and have a Safety Standard certificate pending. This will allow us to provide fully insured (if necessary) domes for living spaces and public use. Richard was always obsessed and fascinated by mathematics, geometry, tools and mechanics. In 2002 he constructed his first 3 meter geodesic dome in his garage after weeks working out the necessary dimensions and quantities. Encouraged by this success he invested in the steel poles, nuts & bolts and constructed a 6 meter dome for a friend's birthday party. This was quite a success and resulted in his first order. Word began to spread and without ever advertising, Richard soon found himself in need of some help. Later, Stuart the engineer & welder joined Richard & between them they developed the machinery necessary to mass produce geodesic dome parts and thereby bring the prices down. As a result we are proud to be among the most economically priced geodesic dome companies in the world. Add to that our unbeatable friendly and proud service record and you have a winning combination. We also undertake any and all metal based construction work including building frameworks and custom metal gates on Spain's Costa Del Sol. Our geodesic domes are among the best that money can buy and because of our manufacturing methods, your money buys a lot more dome at Geodesic Buildings.◄
  14. Shelter Systems SHELTER SYSTEMS   This is really a good website. Lots of pictures of their product. Very innovative company.

    ►Portable Affordable Shelters Since 1976. Shelter Systems invented and manufactures the Worlds Strongest Dome Tents: For the materials used there is no stronger tent. Shelter System's structures have been serving people around the world for over 30 years. We manufacture a wide range of patented Tensegrity and Geodesic structures using our own tarp fasteners, "Grip Clips". All Shelter Systems' structures are "shingled" with the panels overlapping each other to make a totally waterproof and yet breathable shelter. Our portable Geotensic™ YurtDomes™ are known for their lightweight construction and strength as well as for the large amount of light they let in. They are made with a strong, tear-resistant fabric and non-puncturing tarp fasteners. They are truly portable and guaranteed to be leak proof. These Domes and Yurts have served as family living spaces, camping tents, emergency shelters, studios, playrooms, retreats, fair pavilions, expedition tents, research tents, and more. Note that on this site we use the terms domes and yurts interchangeably. Click here to go their "new and interesting" page.◄
  15. Beezer's Playdome PageBEEZER'S PLAYDOME PAGE   There are some people who have successfully used worn out discarded automobile tires to build different kinds of structures. This website here is mostly about building a "Play Dome" for kids to climb on, but the principles incorporated here could possibly be used to build larger habitable structures. The method presented here consists mostly of using old tires and bolts & washers to fasten them together to form a dome structure. One big problem to keep in mind is how discarded tires store rain water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Consider covering the tires with a tarp to keep out rain water or any other water source like from a sprinkler system.

    ►The 21 automobile tires pictured here have been bolted together to form a little more than half of a truncated icosahedron, which is reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes, and is the same as the carbon-60 (C_60) molecule known as fullerene. The PlayDome described here is based on a design by Curt Flowers. Curt has "granted permission to use this idea and/or to reproduce and redistribute these plans for any private, non-commercial use." (See page one of the plans for the full conditions on their use.) The PlayDome pictured above was installed at the Arcadia Montessori Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington on June 8, 1996. Available are: Curt Flower's original plans for the PlayDome (You have to take a look at these if you are serious about constructing your own), my notes on modifications and additions to Curt's plans, photos and commentary on the installation process, some remarks on the geometry of a PlayDome, more mathematics, how to arrange the colors of the tires, & a Playdome photo gallery.◄
  16. World FlowerWORLDFLOWER GARDEN DOMES   They sell their own patented construction connector system. The Garden Dome shown at the bottom of this page is one of their products. "We make the best low cost do-it-yourself geodesic dome frames". I like this site. They have tons of pictures and information on almost every aspect of dome building. I guess they sell connector kits and what you do is go to your local lumberyard and purchase wood strut material (like 2x4's or 2x2's) and cover the completed frame however you want including using their product called: "Super Poly" - A translucent woven poly used as an effective and inexpensive dome covering - super strong, long lasting 7,10.5 or 13 mil woven polyethylene with protection from UV sunlight deterioration . . . This website has lots of pictures and great information plus many dome alternatives.

    ►Geodesic Domes are inspired by the late Design Scientist R. Buckminster Fuller. Our name represents the world flowering with Geodesic Domes, an unfolding of function, form and creativity. Inside these web pages you will find a catalog of products we sell, lots of photos, drawings and illustrations. We hope you find these pages an informative resource for building your own Geodesic Dome using our unique Patented construction connector system. M i s s i o n:   To make geodesic domes a practical and affordable alternative structure. We make the best low cost do-it-yourself geodesic dome frames. We have the largest variety of types and sizes available. Our domes are designed using 3D computer programs. Our Connector Kits - construction hardware and plans - are the best option for do-it-yourself builders. Build your dome with lumber you purchase locally. Pine, fir, cedar and redwood work well. With our expertly done instruction manuals, just about anyone can build their own geodesic dome. This page shows some tools you will need. This page lists Connector Kit prices.◄
  17. Burningman DomeBURNINGMAN   This annual event is held in the state of Nevada on a place called the "Black Rock Desert". People put up all kinds of different structures for public display and their own use as shade, etc.

    Click on the snowballs dome picture on the right to view a very large space shot of Burningman. The Burningman structure is in the center. Picture shows about 30,000 people.

    ►Every year, tens of thousands of participants gather to create Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, dedicated to self-expression, self-reliance, and art as the center of community. They leave one week later, having left no trace.◄
  18. GEO TECH SYSTEMS   This company is located in South Tamworth, New Hampshire. They have completed (i guess) projects in the country of Tongo in the South Pacific. They specialize in custom dome work.

    ►Over the past several years our company has evolved to incorporate original ideas and designs with high tech machining. We continue to grow and expand as we meet new challenges. Owner/partner John Hackett is a machinist and designer of geodesic structures with 30 years experience. Since we own our own machine shop and fabric cover shop, we are able to design and produce precision geodesic structures and tension fabric covers to exacting quality standards. We use computer controlled milling machines and the latest CAD/Cam software to design our structures. Our structures are designed with the quality that will only be found in aircraft type machine shops. Our inspection standards are Mil-I-45208. We use only the highest quality materials available. Our frames are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum. We also make structures of steel when the application is warranted. Geo Tech sizes the strut material and hubs to the wind and snow load requirements. Our fabric covers are made from high quality polyester weave, PVC coated structural fabrics. The covers are RF heat sealed so there are no leaks. Our materials will not rot or warp and work well in high moisture environments.

    Hard covers range from plasticore, PVC corrugated sheets to traditional plywood, lexan or corrugated fiberglass sheets.
    Soft covers from 6 mil polyethylene to 25 year rated vinyl coated nylon mesh membrane or anntex 90 shade material.◄
  19. Geodesic Foam domeDISASTER REBUILDING SOLUTIONS   This is quite a deal. If anyone has a way to help these guys - please do something. Very clever and innovative product needs broad public support! You could use canvas or any other flexible material to cover this dome frame.

    ►The beams and derivative elements are a new technology designed and developed by their inventor, Micah Toll. They consist of a corrugated plastic outer 'skin which contains a foam core center. They are extremely lightweight, weatherproof, and fire resistant. These construction beams have a broad range of applications. Initially they were designed for the purpose of rapid construction of refugee housing in remote areas. However, with additional R&D, it was found that the basic beams, and other structural derivative elements based on the basic beam design (e.g. interlocking beams, cylindrical posts, tubes, pipes and troughs) have broad utility as irrigation and water collection systems, pontoon bridges, rafts, floating evacuation gurneys, animal enclosures, and other related structures and devices. Metal, wood, composites and other building materials all share similar downsides. All of these materials require the use of power tools to do any construction sized work. The materials are neither lightweight nor easily shippable. They all require the use of specialized fasteners and hardware. In addition, skilled tradesman must be called in to work with the materials. The Disaster Rebuilding Solutions foam core beams are easily worked with using only simple or primitive hand tools, require no special hardware, are extremely lightweight, and require no previous construction skills. This makes them the perfect building material to send to remote areas of the world for rapid disaster relief.◄
  20. Palmgren Arbor Press 1-TonPALMGREN 61101 AP10 1-TON MANUAL ARBOR PRESS   For those of you who would like to make your own 3/4 or 1 inch EMT struts used to build metal geodesic framework, you might consider the purchase of this very nice arbor press used to crimp the ends of the tubing prior to hole drilling. This tool might actually make the job go faster and it does not cost very much and it will probably last you a lifetime. Also, the link here is going to for your buying convenience.

    ►Available in four powerful size configurations, these handsomely-cast arbor presses take the effort out of stamping, seating and removing bearings and other operations that require simple, well-controlled mechanical pressure. Easy-to-use bench mount design.◄

    • Sturdy cast-iron construction
    • Product Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 1 inches.
    • Base drilled for mounting on bench or pedestal.
    • 1-ton manual arbor press delivers heavy force needed for riveting, squeezing, punching, bending, and other pressing applications.
    • Removable machined steel anvil provides accurate work support in 4 slot positions.
    • Equipped with a hand wheel to perform light and quick press work.
    • Shipping Weight: 33.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies).
    • Shipping: This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states. We regret it cannot be shipped to APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

  21. EMT tube end drillsBURNING MAN 2002: THE DOME  This webpage is extremely good for showing you how to organize and build your electrical metal tubing (EMT) geodome frame. It is probably a good idea to buy the hand-operated equipment needed to do a fast and accurate job. When completed you can probably sell the equipment and recover some of your investment. "I am building a 12ft radius, 3 frequency 5/8 Geo-Dome from 3/4in EMT conduit" the man says. He uses a 1-ton arbor press to flatten the ends of the tubes. A drilling jig with drill press to insure proper hole spacing and alignment. 6½in metal cut-off blades in a circular saw to cut tubes to proper length. Unfortunately i could not get the links to display their respective pages. Got lots of 404 errors. However, click on the pictures for an expanded view of the item, seems to work good. But the main page does detail a lot of the building process. It is kind of an old website and i wished the man would maintain it because it has valuable information.
  22. John Zerning JOHN ZERNING PORTABLE DOME DESIGN   Subtitled "Garden Trellises - Architectural Space Frames". This site contains some unique ideas for building your own portable dome frame. A dome frame you can carry in a suitcase.

    ►In order to understand the geometry of geodesic domes and to get a good feel for its structural behavior, one must build one! There are two major design problems: Connector and cladding. Looking into the published images on connectors for geodesic domes, I could not find a really simple joint suitable for DIY. Starting with the knowledge that in a triangulated frame the connector can be a "pin-joint" (hinge) as it is primarily subjected to axial forces (compression or tension) - no bending! The Eureka moment came while I was playing in the workshop joining bits of wood and metal. The universal joint takes advantage of the bendability, strength and durability of metal . . . With this connector there is no need to calculate the axial angles of the struts and ties. By tightening the nut of a long bolt the metal strips, and the ends of the members, will bend to the correct axial angle.◄

  23. Base-x Dome TentBASE-X   This website is very good and features Air cell (inflatable) Shelters, Frame Tents & Frame Domes. Even though their emphasis is on large structures, some of you might be able to use something they sell.

    ►Base-X® shelters range in size from personal tents to Corps-level Command and Control complexes. Available in 100-, 200-, 300-, 500-, or Dome-series, Base-X shelters of all sizes offer the same level of interconnectivity, durability, and ease of deployment. For assistance is selecting the correct shelter and accessories for your needs call 800-969-8527 and we will have a local sales representative contact you.◄
  24. Conduit dome with plastic sheetCONDUIT DOMES   Update: This site is no longer available i guess - a victim of using a "free hosting" site. I'll leave this up hoping the owner will relocate and be in service again.

    ►I like this page because it features some good samples of what a person can build using 3/4in EMT. Basic material list: 3/4in electrical conduit. Connections are made with 5/16in bolts. Presented are conduit domes ranging from 4-1/2ft radius thru 24ft diameter. There are four display set-ups of conduit frame domes on this page. At the bottom left side of the website he provides a link for ordering conduit fabrication plans.◄

  25. Geometry DomeGEOMETRY DOME   This neat little site shows you a simple method to build a small personal homemade dome. Great to use at the beach or lake side. Also, you can light up your dome frame using their featured product called "Cool Neon" electroluminescent fiber. Step-by-step instructions are displayed on their website.

    ►Easily build a geodesic dome. Great for Burning Man, camping, or a backyard. No welding, sanding, sawing, or gluing is necessary. No Custom Connectors Are Necessary. Required Parts: Two people, 25 PVC struts of equal length, 10ft struts produce the dome seen in the pics, the best results are from PVC thicker than 1-3/4in, (DONT USE BLACK ABS PLASTIC!!!! IT WILL MELT IN THE HOT SUN!!!), an electric drill and a 3/8in drill bit, masking tape and medical scissors (for cutting rope - several hundred feet of 1/4in or 5/16in strong (greater than 100 pound test) rope, 5 x 2ft rebar to anchor the base of the dome — one for each bottom corner, 1 x minimum 24ft diameter (60ft arc) parachute.◄
  26. Stardome STARDOME   This is a very unique bamboo star dome. The site is a mixture of Japanese & the English language (Google Translate only translates parts of the pages). There are lots of pictures and some of them show the configuration of the basic frame. It appears to me to be a dome made using any bendable 1/4in x maybe 1-1/2in material like bamboo - bent and attached together in a special geometric configuration. Actually, this geometric shape is worth using for a Burningman dome structure. May be very easy to construct using any bendable material then tie arches together with those nylon electrical cable ties.

    ►Buckminster Fuller, mathematician, architect, inventor, philosopher, is known for his thoughts about the earth as being a limited space for living creatures as well as for having spread the phrase "Spaceship Earth". He studied insightfully the prospect of architecture in the future and lifestyle design. He introduces various ideas about creating maximum effect out of minimum materials, based upon his idea of "doing the most with the least". The more we get to know about his theory on geometrics and his background in philosophy, the more attracted we get to him. A new, light type of house that can be moved around; a space where everyone can get their "private sky"; couldn't such a great dome be made out of materials used in daily life? Fuller's dome is a beautiful hemisphere that can be made by combining some small surfaces together. However, it requires complicated calculations to transfer spherical surface onto plane surfaces, so we decided to go back to the drawing board and reconsider his idea. It had to be possible to make a dome following simpler principles while sticking to spherical calculations. Surely, a beautiful, stable spherical structure can be created using bamboos, which can be bent by having stress laid on them. We were at a loss how to build a sufficiently strong and stable dome. It is only after multiple trials that we hit upon a hint, hidden in an exhibition entitled Mandala Deities of Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhism held by the National Museum of Ethnology. The image of a new dome suddenly took form into ours minds, like a combination of the world of Buddhas around Sumi Mountain and the geometrical patterns of the Mandala. That was the very dome we were after. Let us set FS frames so that the points dividing the sphere into three equal parts will be the vertex of each pentagram.  Beautiful stars will take form where all the vertexes of the icosidodecahedron are joined together. It was a simple and well-balanced dome. It is thus on July 2003 that a star dome with 6 stars was finally completed. We, at the Kyushu Fieldwork Society hope that many people will experience the beautiful space created by the STARDOME. We open all our knowledge at this STARDOME official site. We hope that people will not merely think of the STARDOME as a practical way of using bamboo but also as a new way of living for mankind. It is not a profound but rather a light and flexible way of thinking. It is not a life for settling down, but one for freely moving around. The STARDOME will surely tell you:  "Look, here is your private sky!", thus bringing into shape the very future that Fuller had dreamed of.◄
  27. ZendomeZENDOME   This dome seems to be designed as a commercial canopy for small groups of people to use as shade. Nice website, but click on "English Version" at page bottom. The company that makes these domes are located in Germany. They sell a "home edition geodesic dome".

    ►From now on ZENDOME is also available as the ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition for the exclusive Home & Garden area with multiple ways of possible use. Be it as a roof for the swimming pool, a temporary guest house, a garden house or simply a beautiful playhouse for the kids. The frame system is constructed of powder coated galvanized steel with a strength of 2mm. 161 poles and junction discs are assembled following the easy to use color coding of the Advanced Frame System (ADF-System). The membrane is made of all-weather welded Ferrari® material: Perfect for any given use. We want to further improve and develop the idea of the geodesic dome. ZENDOME.2010 is perfect space with all the characteristics of conventional buildings. It can be erected in 10% of the construction time of the Advanced Frame System. This way it saves resources and takes the growing mobility of people into account. We are constantly trying to optimize our products. We use relevant materials and development processes to improve our quality. We set new trends concerning form and/ or technological innovation. We always make use of our current state of development. The quality of our products and materials is communicated from the purchase to the production all the way to the marketing requirements. Also we implement internet communication possibilities into our work. Our online information is interconnected with daily inquiries and is continually complemented. An optimum of information on the products and the company will always be available online. We do not tolerate any discrimination that defies current laws and democratic values and will not include organizations that do not respect the freedom of the individual and above stated laws in our line of customers or suppliers. We encourage Germany as a business location and especially Berlin as a city. ZENDOME is "Made in Germany". For our customers and clients we are the first and best contact concerning geodesic structures: ZENDOME.◄
  28. Walt's Dome PageWALT'S DOME PAGE   Walt is a database programmer and designer of geodesic dome models and structures. Picture is of his fiberglass 2f dome frame. PVC pipe and some kind of fiberglass tube are materials he uses here. The website seems like it might be kind of old and he does not seem to update it much, but it has some useful information.

    ►Hi, I'm Walt Venable, and I have two boys in college of whom I'm very proud, Forrest and Joshua. I live in beautiful Lincolnton, North Carolina (in the Charlotte area) with my cats Tiger and Snowy. I'm a database programmer and sometime designer of geodesic dome models and structures. Geodesic domes were developed and popularized by the late designer R. Buckminster Fuller. They have been used for such spectacular structures as the US Pavilion at the 1967 World's Fair in Montreal, the big aluminum ball at Disney's Epcot Center in Florida, and for countless dome homes and other buildings around the world. Here's what you'll find at Walt's Dome Page!◄
  29. Ozark DomeOZARK DOME   They sell prefabricated steel frame dome kits.

    ►We work with cold formed steel studs like a giant erector set. Cold formed steel is insect proof and won't rot from moisture. It is inexpensive and while light weight for shipping, the material is exceptionally strong. Steel studs are our construction medium of choice. Our geodesic dome shells are also designed to be easily covered with plywood. We can prefabricate the plywood covering as well, but it is not difficult to "Do It Yourself" with average carpenter skills. We are very flexible in meeting your needs for a prefabricated dome shell at a hourly rate for design and fabrication. Materials are at cost +10%. If you wish to work on the fabrication of your kit; arrangements can be made for your stay at our wild crops farm in the Ozarks.◄
  30. Geodesic DomesALBION CANVAS   This geodesic dome consists of a canvas covered wood or metal geodesic frame. A perfect addition to this category.

    ►Albion Canvas has been specializing in the design and adaptation of Geodesic domes since the company's formation in 1995. The company founder and chief designer Alan Wenham designed the first truly workable canvas cover for the true geodesic dome back in the mid 1990's. Our experience has grown from this simple start and has allowed us to work on several projects adapting and designing various domes. All our Geodesic Domes are made and finished to the highest standards, all stress points have double and triple reinforcement where necessary and all seams are sewn with a French seam for strength and superior water exclusion. Careful consideration is given to final use and ease of build when designing frames and covers for individual clients. The wood used for our smaller domes is locally sourced and sustainably managed British Ash machined, sanded and protected with a double coat of linseed oil. Larger domes can be wood framed within certain limitations or steel or aluminum frames for the larger structures. The canvas is a 393gsm (12oz) cotton canvas, treated with a water repellent, rot inhibitor and fire retardant as standard. Albion Canvas Geodesic Domes are supplied with a fitted groundsheet as standard in the camping sizes. As a long standing member of the Performance Textiles Association, the professional body over seeing the Marquee and similar industries, and having gained ‘Customer First’ status from the Trading Standards Service, you can be sure of an extremely high quality product backed up by premium customer care policies. We have over 12 years of experience working with yurts, geodesic domes and other fabric structures and can offer a design and consultancy service. Alan Wenham is a qualified designer; CAD trained, and can work with you through all the relevant documentation required in planning applications, and special builds. So if you need a dome or other structure adapting from the standard to meet the new DDA or HSE regulations, or to meet your own specific needs, or help with designing an event sized dome or special installation do get in touch.◄

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