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  1. Low Cost GreenhouseGEODETIC GREENHOUSE (LOW COST)   Here's another Instructables "How To" article featuring a low cost geodesic frame which in my opinion could be covered with almost any type of material, does not have to be used as a greenhouse. Basic materials used were bicycle inner tubes and Saran Wrap. But, a person could probably use any canvas material if so desired.

    ►Last year I started an allotment and felt the need to build a green house to enjoy the delights of tomatoes and cucumbers. Having built a 30 foot diameter dome before out of steel tubing I thought that there was a good possibility I could make a smaller dome using some scrap wood I had left over from taking apart some old pallets. Fortunately the site has a handy calculator to work out the size and type for any size of dome you need.
    I elected to make a 9 foot wide 3 V dome this would stand on a 3 foot high sub frame to give the necessary height I needed. Desert Domes gave me the necessary dimensions for the struts. One of the issues I had with my fairly small green house was that for larger domes it is easy to drill the ends of the struts and put a bolt through. But for my much smaller - 3/4 inch square - struts this wasn't going to work. So I devised a quick assembly method using some plastic plumbing pipe and some elastic bands. A small hole was drilled through each strut and a nail allowed the fixing of the elastic band. The bands were cut from an old bike inner tube. The struts were cut from the pallet wood using a band saw. This is tedious and your not going to want to do it by hand. The lengths of the 3 types were cut from the Desert Dome information and the ends drilled. Sitting on the lawn all of the struts were laid out and then connected. I chose (perhaps badly) to build from the top down. Once all of the struts had been assembled I had my dome. It was quickly evident that there was far too much spring in the elastic connections for the struts and my thin struts didn't allow me to drill thorough the plastic ring and put screws in so I decided to cut a number of connector plates from plywood and screw and glue these over every joint to reinforce the elasticated and plastic connections. We transported it to site by the simple process of picking it up and carrying it down the road. The structure is surprisingly strong. I made a decision to cover the dome using Saran wrap (cling film) and bought a couple of catering sized rolls from the local cheap store. This wrapped the structure nicely and I covered it with at least 3 layers all over. The access door would be cut later. No need for glue or tape as the cling film is not called cling film for nothing.◄
  2. Geodesic Greenhouse System EASYDOME GEODESIC BIODOME GREENHOUSE   (22 Mar 17) Billed as: "How To Build Your Own Geodesic Greenhouse and Become Food Secure Today!". This is an eBook being sold online and i do not know how good it is: Costs "less than dinner at McDonalds for 3 people. Or if you don't do accounting in hamburgers $37.00".

    ►A properly build geodesic greenhouse can withstand hurricane force winds. In fact when the US Government wanted to build a cover for a sensitive radar installation in the worlds harshest climate they used a geodesic structure. This facility routinely withstands winds of over a 100 miles per hour and temperatures as low as minus 140 degrees! The highest wind speed recorded to date is 199 mph! Imagine your house in those conditions. I know my place would be gone in a few minutes, but there is a good chance the greenhouse would still be standing and ready to produce food for my family. Geodesic Greenhouses are Super Big Inside. In fact the sphere is the easiest way to create huge unsupported indoor spaces without a whole lot of engineers becoming involved. The dome I built is 25ft across inside and totally clear of supports. And the roof is over 16ft without any beams, trusses or posts getting in the way. Here in Canada the building code says you have to a support every 8ft unless you have an engineer or an architect involved. So the feeling when you go inside a geodesic dome is amazing. It feels so open. So airy and almost spiritual inside. Geodesic structures are some of the most efficient spaces you can build. On my 25ft dome there are no struts (connectors) longer than 4-1/2 feet long and yet the building is huge. A dome can be built fast by with basic tools by almost anyone with NO SPECIAL SKILLS.◄
  3. Describe VITAL DOMES   (12 Feb 17) This business has a large selection of fabric covered geodesic domes and they also manufacture large livable canvas wall tents. Picture on the right is of their "Vital 24 Shelter". They have on their website also a nice YouTube video showing some of the features of their domes plus some very interesting information.

    ►Vital Domes is the leader in geodesic dome shelter manufacturing, rental, and sales distribution in the Intermountain West. Located in Clifton, ID, USA, everything we create is proudly American Made! Founded in November, 2014, Vital Domes was created with one purpose, and that is to create the best tents in the world! We started with our 24ft Geo Dome tent. That dome has been through 3 revisions and improvements and now is the best made survival shelter world wide. We hope you'll agree. We have a number of upgrades from the original model like our innovative passive solar window options that can increase the temperature in your dome by up to 70 degrees from the outside temperatures. Our domes are strong and can endure the harshest of climates making it the best survival shelter for anyone who might get displaced or for you homesteaders looking to get back to a simpler way of life. Our mission is to provide you with the best portable shelter options that will truly stand the test of time, bring peace of mind, and provide you shelter when you need it most. Please help us share our incredible domes throughout the world. We now carry the full line of Journey Tents and have added HomeGrid 5000 to our product offerings. We will continue to innovate and create shelters and solutions that will help you endure any challenge life may throw at you.◄
  4. Event Dome SENIOR PRODUCTIONS   This Geodesic Dome business has done some nice large projects in the past. They have worked for Disney, Audi, & ESPN to name a few. But they can also do smaller projects for the individual consumer. They can build domes ranging from 7ft up to 200ft in diameter. Picture on the right is of one of their "Event Domes".

    ►Event dome production is our world. Whether you need a dome or full turn-key solution, We do it all. Feasible and Flexible, we're here to make your event come to life. We're utilizing the most innovative dome technologies and cutting edge manufacturing processes. Our international team of production and dome installers have the experience and professionalism to make your dream event a complete success. Whether it's full dome projection or custom graphics, we do it all. We're here to help you realize your project. Our digital design team can do it all. We help top brands to stand out. Let us make your company or event, POP. Full dome projection experience. Trade show domes. Any size custom dome for your next festival. We have the team, knowledge, and expertise to execute any event. Give us a shout. You have questions. We have answers. Call Us: +1 (541) 690 - 4422 Or Shoot us a message. We'll get right back to you.◄
  5. Rainproof Geodesic Dome RAINPROOF GEODESIC DOME   This is a little ditty that you might like. Actually, it is very good and contains a lot of pictures showing the steps in building a Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT) frame and flexible frame cover. Some of the links are bad, but overall lots of good information here.

    ►These two pages contain a blow-by-blow description of how to build a rainproof geodesic dome using 3/4-inch electrical conduit and heavy-duty tarps. We brought a 20-foot diameter dome as our living space to Burning Man in 1999 and 2000. Most of the work of designing and building in 1999 was done by Eric Hoffman. I helped some, and built these pages partially to figure out how to put it up by myself in 2000. There are a lot of other useful dome-building pages on the web. Tara's Desert Domes is a great place to start, and also has many links to other resources. One difference between our page and many of these others is the emphasis on being rainproof. Howard's Home Dome is the advice page of another Camp Sunscreener. Finally, Bob Stahl's Temporary Desert Structures is also required reading.◄
  6. Newspaper Dome EARL'S GEODESIC DOMES   Here's a nice homemade website for you providing some unique material on dome frame building. Not a lot of pictures presented, but lots of written material explaining about struts, screw anchors, & modifications to the frame itself. Picture on the right is of the geodesic dome frame prototype which he made out of rolled up used newspapers.

    ►I was inspired to build a geodesic dome for a temporary living structure. Just to get a feel for the whole idea, i started by making a newspaper dome. With that a success, i went on to the real thing, an 8-foot radius EMT dome. Flush with too much confidence, i volunteered to lead the creation of a 16-foot radius EMT dome for Camp Recharge, of which i am a spectator participant. I am also learning something about screw-in ground anchors along the way. Lastly, i have a geeky explanation of one way to modify the geometry for a larger entrance triangle. If you are considering building domes like these (do it! do it!), please go to the links page which points you to the sites you really should read first. Then come back here and read my site afterwords. The information here is only intended to supplement what's already out there, is not available without a prescription, is only at participating locations, and is void in Minnesota and West Virginia. I welcome feedback via email, even audio feedback. Send it to: Thanks!◄
  7. Your Own Dome YOUR OWN DOME   I wished i would have had this listing up a long time ago. People, if you have or know of quality items like this please contact me so i can include it for free on my website(s). OK, anyway this listing is for a very cool geodesic frame system which you can buy and use to make a small shelter if so desired. Really unique system to build a strong frame which can be covered with some kind of flexible material like maybe canvas.

    ►Our durable domes are great, cost-effective solutions for: Custom green houses, potting sheds, gazebos, trellis, water features or cold frames. Portable covers to protect blocks, bricks, and sand or shade a hot tub or a sand box. Math teaching aids for geometry and trigonometry. Privacy for a shower or dressing area. A place for toddlers to walk, a gym for teens, or just for fun. If you thought geodesic domes were too complicated to have any utility for ordinary uses, you should look again. This dome has only two components. The first is a joint that is the same as every other joint. You can build a dome or a sphere and the joints are interchangeable at any connection in the assembly. The second is a straight section of 2 inch ABS plastic pipe (it comes in 10 foot sections at Home Depot or Lowes.) You will have to cut the plastic pipe into pieces that are the same length depending on how big you want the dome or sphere to be.◄
  8. Completed Covered Geodesic DomeBY EXAMPLE   This is a very well organized and neat website showing the many steps needed to produce a completed EMT frame and tarp dome. This site has a geodesic dome calculator, patterns for cutting out covers for your geodesic frame, assembly pictures and other info. This website deals with many different topics. Look on the left menu for the title called: "Topics", look below this to the forth entry named: "Geodesic Domes", click there.

    ►Geodesic domes are great! They can withstand the forceful winds of the high desert and provide shade from the intense sun. We've constructed our our geodesic dome and have provided plans for building a dome tent from steel conduit (EMT). This section offers a geodesic dome calculator, as well as plans for the construction of a dome cover from heavy duty tarps. In March 2006 we constructed our first geodesic dome from EMT steel conduit. In this article we share what we learned from our dome building experience. Our geodesic dome calculator simplifies dome planning for 2V, 3V and 4V domes. Geodesic domes are comprised of a network of triangles that form a somewhat spherical surface. There are several dome classes that are referred to as 1V, 2V, 3V etc. The more complex the network of triangles, the more spherical the geodesic dome and the higher the class number. A 1V dome has fewer triangles, uses only one size triangle in its simple pattern, and less closely approximates a hemisphere. A 6V dome has many triangles of multiple sizes that are arranged in a complex pattern to create a more smooth and spherical shape. Higher class domes offer greater structural stability and are ideal for larger dome frames.◄
  9. The Bubble DomeBUBBLE DOME   Billed as the "Portable Shelter". They must be selling these units because i've had this link in storage for a long time and the website is still up and you can still buy these online, and i'm glad.

    ►The BubbleDome™ line was developed to provide maximum interior space with a minimum footprint. We have taken our standard Solar and GroDomes and added an additional band of poles and covering to the bottom, which creates more height. The walls actually come in a little at the bottom, like a bubble, so the diameter at the ground is about a foot less than the widest part of the dome. Note that the BubbleDomes have only one door. We have also removed one pole section to allow for a tall door so that you can walk in without bending. The BubbleDome™ has a unique and friendly look that you will be proud to use. 1 1/2-YEAR GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original, clean condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 1/2 years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable. Read Snow and Wind Warnings.◄
  10. Heavy-Duty Geodesic Dome Frame NATURAL FREQUENCY   This is a new dome frame business. Picture on the right is of their: "2v HD 2" Pipe Geodesic Dome Kit". This is a nice system; dome connector systems for sale to the general public. Right now, i cannot tell if some of their connectors allow for the use of plywood sheeting, but i can see they allow for flexible coverings made out of fabric or canvas.

    ►NATURAL FREQUENCY offers the simplest, fastest Hub-Only connector kits for Geodesic Domes up to 48 feet in Diameter. Our hub connector design offers the Do-it-Yourself'er (DIY'er) the opportunity to quickly assemble high strength wood or pipe strut geodesic domes using your own local materials. Our dome kits only require you to make square cut (90 degree) cuts to each strut. Only having to make square cuts on the end of each strut takes all the guess work our of our dome assembly. It also saves you time and keeps you from wasting timber. Other dome kits require you to make complex angled cuts on the struts. If you make the wrong cut you could waste an entire board or pipe. By butting the strut up to the hub connector, the angle produced is not only correct to the geodesic mathematics, but the strut is captured on all sides creating additional strength.◄
  11. 2013 Prototype; Archimedes Basket ARCHIMEDES DESIGN   Incredible designs. This is a high quality burning man type structure. Two men invented a connector system which is simple yet very ingenious. There are pictures of their connectors on their website. The basic strut system consists of EMT type tubing. You can purchase their geodesic frame kits on their website.

    ►Toby Vann and Michael Gates have been building temporary and permanent structures for over ten years. In 2012 they accepted a challenge to build a better mouse trap: long time participants of the Burning Man festival, they wanted to eliminate many of the hassles associated with traditional methods of dome construction. During the winter of 2013, they developed the Hub & Harness Network. Borrowing from Buckminster Fuller, they used elements of geodesic and tensegrity principles to create their unique, truncated icosahedral domes. In August 2013, they premiered the prototype dome, named the Archimedes Basket, at Burning Man to test their theories. This crowd-funded project was wildly successful, and paved the way for Archimedes Design, portable dome systems. In September 2013, they received an Editor's Choice award at Maker Faire NYC. In May 2014, at Maker Faire San Mateo, they launched their company Archimedes Design.◄
  12. GEOSHELTERS   These people have organized a very nice product for sale online at very reasonable prices: Fabric covered geodesic domes capable of being lived in for indefinite periods of time. Instead of struts made from EMT tubing, they use special color coded aluminum poles. Nice website & nice product.

    ►We currently offer three models of our shelters: KUPOLI EVEREST (white), KUPOLI SUMMIT (tan) and KUPOLI TAIGA (digi camo). They are available in two sizes: 24ft diameter and 16ft diameter. The NEW KUPOLI Door Entry has a vertical door to keep wind and rain out when open. It has been specifically designed to attach to a Vestibule, or to connect to another 24ft or 16ft GeoShelter. The geodesic frame creates the greatest strength to weight ratio found in any architectural structure. Our frame poles are made of high strength Aircraft Aluminum and weigh only 1 pound each, yet each pole hub can withstand up to 500 lbs. A time lapse video of an entire GeoShelter assembly that took just under 2 hours can be seen here, with additional training videos coming soon.◄
  13. Steel Frame dome with fabric cover SUNRISE DOMES   When doing a search of the area code associated with their phone number it appears that this business is located in the state of Rhode Island, USA. The website linked to here has a lot of unfinished sections. These people seem to offer a steel frame product with additional fabric membrane covering if so desired.

    ►Welcome to Sunrise Domes! Geodesic Domes were invented by R. Buckminster Fuller in the 1960's, and are a revolutionary building structure with many advantages over conventional rectangular designs:

    1. 20% less materials to enclose a given space.
    2. Short, manageable, lightweight, members allow for easy construction and great portability.
    3. The curved shape naturally deflects wind and sheds snow accumulation.
    4. Geodesic Domes have many uses, and you can click on the thumbnail images to the right for more info on some common applications.◄
  14. The Dome CompanyTHE DOME COMPANY   This company is based in Sydney, Australia. They sell and rent portable tarp covered domes and have some other frame type domes. They have nicer bigger models than the one i have pictured here. Also, i should mention that i have a small dome building from this company featured at the bottom of my other website called: Dome Shelter System.

    "The Dome Company specializes in the design and construction of portable Geodesic Domes for hire or sale. Stand out from the rest by buying or renting one of our unique domes for your special event. Although The Dome Company specializes in portable "Event" domes, we can also supply timber kit-set frames or assist you in the creation of an insulated multi-level dome house. To discuss your specific requirements, please email or phone 0409 244424."
  15. Steel Dome ClimberDOME INCORPORATED   I messed up and should have had this business up a long time ago. They manufacture all kinds of geodesic steel frames plus sell a patented geodesic hub for wood frame members. Lots of good pictures and information.

    "We manufacture efficient geodesic domes for all uses: A house, home, master bedroom suite or cabingarage, shop or farm building, park shelter, jungle gym or playground equipment, hot tub room or sauna, garden gazebo or screened porch, remote shelter or hunting shack, trade show booth and much more. Please peruse our photo album of energy efficient dome pictures and view our plans and prices. We have been building dome structures for 28 years and have built, sold or manufactured over 450 domes."
  16. Color DomeCRESCENT STAR   Called "A Burning Man Theme Camp 2006" which includes this very well made fabric covered 31' wide communal dome used for temporary quarters. On this website they have information and pictures and a video showing construction of this dome. You will need to click around though to put it together. It is kind of an old website, last date i could find: 4-12-07.

    ►In the brutal wilderness between the teeming cities of the future, along the trade routes of the Neo-Caravaners and the battle migrations of Jihadists and Jihadistas, lies the dwellings of the Tribe of the Crescent Star, sheltered in an oasis of its own construction. Welcoming all who drop their weapons and their attitude outside its perimeters, the Tribe of the Crescent Star offer their guests the comforts of a Brave Old World — for the body: Cool mint tea, sweet dates and rahat loukoum, and mountains of soft pillows; for the soul: The play of light and water, and the music of paradise. By day, the order's white satin banners can be seen by weary travelers from afar; in the evening, the glow of the tent-dome serves as a beacon calling all to the night's revels.◄
  17. eHam DomeEHAM PORTABLE SHELTER   This is a brief but good article on building your own personal dome along with tarp made to fit. Click on the picture on the right to view a 2V dome frame.

    "Researching emergency shelters on the Internet I discovered Geodesic Domes are a very popular shelter design and for good reasons. Construction materials may be lightweight and portable and the Dome when erected is very strong using these materials. No special materials or tools are required for construction; everything required is available with one stop shopping at a local building supply store. Domes when erected and properly anchored can withstand hurricane force winds without sustaining damage. Lets start off with shelter size. You want to be able to stand up and have room for several people, gear, and at least one bed. You also don't want the dissembled shelter taking up precious vehicle transport space. A very good size is a 2V 5-foot radius Dome made of 1/2in EMT Conduit. The 2V dome requires 65 sections of conduit. This conduit is manufactured in standard 10' sections. Using the 5ft radius 2V dome requires the use of two different lengths and allows cutting the 10ft sections three times to obtain 3 sections of the required lengths. These sections will be called A and B. For a 5-foot radius Dome A length between the centers of the bolt holes in each end will be 37.08in and B will be 32.784in. This is NOT the measured length of the conduit pipes! They will need to be about 2in longer than the measured hole lengths giving about 1in of pipe length between the center of the hole and the end of the conduit. It is critical that holes in all conduit lengths be the same for all A sections and all B sections so the dome will have the proper Geodesic shape."
  18. Dome ClimberDOME CLIMBER   These people manufacture and sell a children's play dome which looks to me could be used as a shelter for humans. Framework could accommodate any flexible fabric or plastic tarp covering. This business is located in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

    ►Dome Climber was formed exclusively to manufacture climbers for children based on the proven strength and durability of the geodesic design. The design has been around for more than a century and has some very desirable characteristics that make it unique and highly desirable for the production of children's climbers. A geodesic structure is much stronger than one would expect if the strength of the materials used in its construction were considered individually. When a force is applied to one component of a geodesic structure, the force applied is shared by the remaining components making the geodesic structure one of the strongest known to man. A geodesic dome is an almost spherical structure based on a network of great circles (geodesics) lying approximately on the surface of a sphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements that have local triangular rigidity and yet also distribute the stress across the entire structure. It is the only man-made structure that becomes proportionally stronger as it increases in size. When completed to form a full sphere, it is known as a geodesic sphere. Of all known structures made from linear elements, a geodesic dome has the highest ratio of enclosed volume to weight. Geodesic domes are far stronger as complete units than the individual struts would suggest. It is common for a new dome to reach a critical mass during construction, shift slightly, and lift any attached scaffolding from the ground. It is the strongest unsupported structure in the world. Our manufacturing facility in Tucumcari uses only industrial-grade materials and paints in the manufacture of the Dome Climber. The struts in our climbers are made of industrial-grade PVC (Schedule 40) conduit while our hubs are made of extruded PVC sheeting material that we heat and mold to exacting standards of consistency and quality. The climbers are held together with galvanized nuts and bolts that resist rust. We paint the hubs with high-quality, industrial-grade paints with a proven record for durability and fade resistance. The entire structure is weatherproof, rust-free, and safe to touch under virtually all temperature and climatic conditions.◄
  19. World Tent Geodesic DomesWORLD TENTS   I like this idea of using a heavy duty canvas fabric for a geodesic dome cover. Actually, using this system one could install a stove pipe jack and use a wood burning stove to heat the interior just like a cabin tent. I imagine that this style tent would be more wind resistant than a wall or cabin tent. Plus you can build a platform for it just like a regular rectangular tent.

    ►Dear Visitor, I live with my wife and 2 children at Redfield Community in Buckinghamshire. The ethos here is to respect the environment and this very much fits in with my own beliefs. It was respect for the Earth and myself that inspired me to make my first tent out of natural materials, a tent that could breathe. I traveled extensively for 12 years and during that time lived in tipis, domes, benders and yurts as well as the occasional guest house. We are now settled at Redfield and setting up this business is providing us with an income from a sustainable source. Everything we make or sell is either natural or made from recycled materials. Some of the wood we use comes from as close as 200 meters away. All of it comes from sustainable woodland. Whilst we do offer a polyester mixed weave canvas we prefer to sell and recommend the use of the natural 100% cotton canvas. As well as our own products we sell the products of FAM, a Czech company whose ethics and commitment to quality match our own. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The UK's primary source of natural man-made tents and accessories including yurts, tipis, marquees, geodesic domes, historical tents, scout tents and more. Visit our photo gallery for more great pictures of our tents, marquees, tipis, geodesic domes, scout tents and yurts.◄
  20. Survival DomeWORLDFLOWER GARDEN DOMES   This page taken from Worldflower Garden Domes website features a "Survival/Emergency" dome. It is suitable for anyone desiring a portable dome framework capable of multiple covering types or sheathing material. The survival dome is portable. In most cases they can be assembled and disassembled in hours (depending on dome size and manpower). If you are an individual or family in need of a quick and cheap emergency shelter, that will last for many years - then this might be for you.

    If you are an individual/family in desperate circumstances and in need of a SURVIVAL DOME:

    Apply for a dome donated by Worldflower Garden Domes. Based on individual needs and circumstances. For an application write to:

    Worldflower Garden Domes • PO Box 2103 • Georgetown, TX 78627 USA • Ph: (512) 431-9752 • Email:
  21. Little Weasel DomeTHE WEASEL DOME   This is a nice information site on how to build your own EMT (electrical conduit) dome. But he uses 3/4 inch awning tubing (which is stronger than 3/4 inch conduit). Some good pictures and techniques.

    "This picture is of a 3 frequency dome, roughly 16 feet in diameter, with four adults sitting on top of it. It is made of 3/4 inch awning tubing (which is stronger than 3/4 inch conduit). Because each pole is so short, it is safe to climb on. This is a graphic demonstration of the strength of a geodesic dome. If a dome has significantly longer poles, it is not recommended for climbing, unless the poles are larger in diameter. I have seen someone climb my 24 foot dome which has 3/4 inch conduit poles roughly 5 feet long, but they had to be careful to only stand on the intersections (as well as being very limber). I think a 3/8 sphere dome is stable on the ground when windy, due to its low profile. A 1/2 sphere or 5/8 sphere dome is not, and needs to be secured to the ground so it doesn't blow away. The simplest way to secure a dome to the ground is to drive in rebar stakes around the perimeter of the dome. I recommend doing this near the intersection of the dome poles, where the dome is the strongest. I also recommend driving the stake from the outside of the dome, so that it fits snugly next to the inside of the poles. If you do that all around the dome, it will be very stable in high winds. I used 10 stakes to secure my 24 foot dome."
  22. The Rainbow DomeGEODESICS UNLIMITED   This man has some very good designs displayed here on his website. They both sell and rent domes plus offer a design service. This is a product of someone inspired by a simple introduction to the geodesic dome by happenstance while browsing books in a bookstore. Take a look at the "Geodesic Garden House" page to view his "Universal Hub" geodesic connector design.

    ►You will have seen from the other pages on this web-site the range of structures designed and built by Geodesics Unlimited. If not, then do check the gallery page. We will do our best to design to your needs and suggest materials and fabrication processes that in our view best fulfill them. You will see below some extremes of geodesic form. We can create almost any shape of structure for you, and will work with any available material. Try us! Please do approach us, however large or small your project is. We will gladly help you find a way of getting your project needs met if we cannot ourselves fulfill them.◄

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